Friday, December 31, 2010

From MJ June 6

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Hey Galoshes,
I have been sitting at MEPS for 4.5 hours now. I guess we are going to the airport around noon, but my flight doesn't leave until 5 tonight. I talked to Lily this morning. I guess the rumor about having to dye your hair is wrong. I talked to a girl who went to Jackson last summer. She said the drill sergeants are more like your friends, so I'm pretending I'm going to summer camp. She ended up having to go home though because she was over weight. She had slit option like me and was on her way to AIT. When they check our weight if we are over in pounds then they do a tape test and I had to get taped so when I was done and I passed I had to go to the guard office to get my orders and it was written down that I had to get a tape test. The guy was like "you had to get a tape test? YOU!" Then he said that the lady giving it to me must have just been insecure. I thought it was funny because I hate having to get tape instead of just being able to jump on the scale.

Well I'm going to write others now so talk to you later.


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