Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Message

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Dear Readers,

A recording on my message box was lengthy as well as interesting. He sounded confident giving me information on just what kind of man he was. He said that he rode a Harley, though he wasn't the typical "Harley type." That was interesting as I love motorcycling, I ride my own bike and tend to be drawn to the older, more vintage bikes, Triumph, Ducati, some of the BMW's as well as Harley Davidson. He mentioned that he owns his own home, and shares it with his big, yellow lab. He is a non smoker, non to light drinker, will always live in the country and has a loving family. Everything that he said, fit right into what I was searching for. I listened to it a few times more. Later that night I placed a call to him. I find it interesting that he is from the same small town area that my sister's husband grew up. The same town that their campground was in. I have spent some many weekend through out my life in this town that was only 45 minutes away. Had he been there all this time? All this time in the same town that I have visiting all these years. Had I ever bumped into him? All these thoughts danced around in my head as I picked up the phone to call him that night.
His voice is low and I can sense that he is not hurried person. By this I mean that he sounds grounded, not easily pulled from his true self. A person content and relaxed in no big rush to get to the latest and greatest adventure. I like that.
As we talk, I feel comfortable with him, I feel relaxed myself. His voice is soothing, he tells me what he enjoys in life and asks me the same questions. He listens to me, and comments back as to what I have just said.

He has a good job which he has had for the past several years. He loves old, vintage trucks, motorcycles, hunting, fishing, reading as well as visiting with a few of his close friends. He does not do the 'night life' and has no interest in it. {enter a big sigh of relief here}
When I ran my ad I requested the ages five year my junior to five years my senior. He was four plus years my junior. Hey, you won't hear me complain, women tend to live longer then men. He has never been married, no children. Not that he hasn't wanted to, only because he hadn't met her yet. He tells me he will only marry that one person that was meant for him, and was not interested in marring anyone but her.

He asks me for a date, I except. He tells me that he would like to take me cross country skiing. This is a good thing, as I have never done this before and love to try new things. Since we will be skiing at his place, and I do not give out my address, I will drive to his house.

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Everything sounds good, we will see what happens.

Now, get out and enjoy the snow.


  1. Oh, I can't wait to hear how this turns out...

  2. i so wish you happiness ! :) really