Saturday, December 18, 2010

Moving North

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Dear Readers,

My yearly rental contract was approaching a renewal soon. I had gotten a rental increase in the mail for the upcoming contract. I had paid my rent every month right on time and was hoping with that on my side, my rent would remain the same. So now I need to check the ads to see if I should move to a more affordable place or stay put and rearrange my budget to absorb the rent hike. MaryJanes is busy with her friends, high school and cheer-leading. There are times when I mark a date on the calendar that she and I will spend the night together. We would normally go to dinner, a movie or shopping. I found if I penciled it in, there could be no excuses of her having plans. I like to spend time with her and listen to what she has going on in her life. We have a really good open communication and I appreciate that.

As far as my dating life, that came to a screeching halt. At least the power dating did. I stopped my search after a few dates with my ski date. We are 45 minutes apart and MaryJanes is in school, so we write back and fourth allot. I make sure I mail him something every day. He and I have so much in common and both have old fashion views. I know I have found my soul mate. We date each other exclusively and I have told him the MJ comes first. No matter what, that is just the way it is. He completely understands.

MJ and I talk about looking for a new apartment and she is surprised that I didn't just ask her about moving to my ski guy's town. I explain to her that I wanted to get her through high school first. I didn't want to uproot her from her school and her friends. She only had three more years of school left. Recently she had broken up with "that boy" that I despised and was antsy to move on. She asked if I had planned on moving to my guys place. I told her, that yes, after she graduated. She said it was silly to wait, "lets move at the end of this school year" she announced."

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After several talks with MJ, my sister, as well as my guy, that's just what happened. Did we move too fast, well technically I suppose so. But where my heart is concerned, no. It turned out to be the right thing.
MJ would be starting her sophomore year in a new school and she was excited about reinventing her self. She signed up right away for volley ball in order to help her fit in. She impressed me with her determination to get involved. Her father was not making any effort to get together with her. She was going to all of the volleyball practices and games yet he could only find time to make it to just one of them. I could see her looking in the audience to see if she could spot him. He continued to let her down, again and again.
Our divorce was final and I had a few issues with MJ's father not sticking to some of the agreements. He had gotten a girlfriend, a female version of himself, I thought they made for a perfect fit. Each of them loved the sound of their own voices. His girl friend was actually trying to get MJ's father involved with MJ. I appreciated that about her. And when MJ was having problems with a teacher that love to pick and choice her favorites and play God with grades, she was there to give me good advise about online coarse classes. That same teacher almost kept a nephew of mine from graduating right up until graduation day. She still teaches and I just can't understand why. She is a mean old broad! Honestly! Anyway, we enrolled MJ in the online studies for that subject and she aced the class. I bump into that teacher now and then, and don't seem to muster up the maturity to just let it all go. The word, "Bitch" always manages to slip out of my mouth. This is a down fall of mine, I am aware of this.

Now call your mother,

~Love, Galoshes

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  1. I have just caught up with the last three posts, it was fun to be able to go from one to the next...I always look forward to the next one to see where life took you...