Monday, December 6, 2010

Wish List

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Dear Readers,

MJ's grandmother on her Father's side and I used to talk about our ideal mates. She and I could sit for hours and chat about all the 'what ifs' in life. I was comfortable with her and didn't hold back as to telling her my dreams of finding "Mr. Lumber-Jack" someday. I considered her a very good confident as well as a close and a trusted friend. It was nice to have that, I was grateful for our relationship. But when I left MJ's father, she said and did a few things that insulted me, as well as hurt my feelings and we lost what we once had. I am guarded in my friendships, and when I feel stepped on or something happens that I feel the principle of the matter is just wrong, I end a relationship at a dead stop.. At least that is the way I was with girlfriends. It seems that the males in my life got more leeway with me.

Each day when I returned home from work, I dialed up the phone to listen to new messages. I let MJ listen to some of them and then got her thoughts on a few I was border line on calling back. I never gave my last name or the city I lived in at any time. When a date was arranged I met in a busy location to access  the date before going on each adventure. When I think back on it now, I suppose it was a bit risky even with those measures. Abductions were not as broadcast in the 90's as they are now, but I certainly was aware of them. I carried a long metal rod inside of my truck in the event that I felt threatened. Luckily each of the dates were with normal, nice guys.
So what was I looking for? We each have our own likes and dislikes. I was steadfast in my requirements.

1: Non smoking, non to light drinker, no drug use now or ever, future past or present.
2: God fearing.
3: Good with children and like able by them. Be a good influence on MJ!
4: Ok with me being independent. And be aware that I will more than likely bring home stray pets.
5: Have a nice smile.
6: Be gentle yet strong, I am fairly old fashion and like a traditional relationship, I will bake, cook and clean, he takes out the garbage, changes the oil in the cars, fixes needed things. Must be mechanical. I have fairly good mechanical knowledge, and wanted a man that knew more than me, thus I would feel more feminine...silly, but it's something I needed.
7: Be willing to try new things, explore, camp, fish, canoe and fish.
8: Be an out of doors lumber- jack kinda of guy. { ok, some of you are laughing, but that kind of guy suits me.}
9: Have a nice family, no bad news among the group.
10: Love big dogs, animals in general, live in the country and ride a motorcycle,
11: Own his own home pay his bills on time, be smart with money and if he is my soul mate, combine our money and have common goals.
12: Love me just the way I was, laugh at me, comfort me and be supportive of me, be thoughtful, caring and kind. Don't be macho.
13: Be protective, yet not controlling, there is a fine line.
14: Love passion.
There is always chemistry as well, you have to have it. I think MJ's father and I were attracted to each other for the most part, but the chemistry just wasn't there. I want chemistry!
That  is what I wanted. I knew I would find him some day, I just had to trust the plan that was in store for me.

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I had always wanted to have more children, but at this point I was thinking 3 options:
A: Find my soul mate and be so in love with him that I just wanted to keep it the three of us.
B: Find my soul mate and have one more child.{MJ and I picked out names we liked}
C: If I don't find him, Get MJ through high school and college, then jump in a VW van and take off to unknown places and live life one day at a time. Just eat, breathe and live.

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  1. OH dreaming... keeps one going doesn't it?