To aid MaryJanes and Galoshes in the telling of our story we have chosen a few photographers who's work speaks to us as our form of illustration. If their work speaks to you as well you can find their information, as well as where to purchase their work, below.

Matt Schwartz is a Brooklyn based polaroid artist that photographs his version of the pin-up,vintage props,coney island,flowers+surfing.
He takes polaroids, pulls apart the film and rubs the negatives onto water color paper. The result is a cross between a vintage photo and a painting
His travels dictate his photography and vice versa. This last 2 years he has been shooting in Ecuador,Costa Rica and Peru.
His work has been featured in W magazine+Nylon. They were recently being sold at Anthropologie.
You can purchase Matt's work at  She hit the pause studios.

Irene loves to experiment with different styles and techniques, both by camera and in her digital darkroom. Faithfully capturing that little bit of mystery, evoking a certain mood, and telling a story. Through her photography she likes to explore the ethereal, the surreal, the whimsical, the mysterious, and the beautiful. She likes to think of each of her photographs as a poem for the eyes.
Irene's work has appeared on book covers, television, and has been exhibited at the Sundance Film Festival. She says "I am honored that my photographic prints have found their way into private homes around the world and that amazing people hire me to photograph their weddings".
You can purchase Irene's work at isphotogrphy,  poetry for the eyes.

Myan is inspired by her surroundings and her favorite artists to create what she calls little boxes full of light, colors, and imagination. Originally from the east coast this photography artist is now living in and smitten with L.A.
Myan has two photography shops.  One for each of her distinct, yet different, styles. You can purchase her work at Zuppaartista and Sixth and Main

Tracey is a graphic designer with a background in desktop publishing and web design by trade and has been an avid photographer for years. She started off stalking birds and bugs in her yard in the country years ago and has never looked back.  Her photography has been described as affecting, impossible, ethereal and perfect. As well, she is known in photography circles for the free presets and templates she offers through her blog.
She was recently featured in DC Photo Magazine (Hong Kong) talking about photoshop techniques, her presets and templates and macro photography. Her work can be found in local Ottawa galleries, online in her Etsy shop, hanging on her fridge (!) and among the rich and famous, as a result of her recent work with a Palm Beach interior design firm.
You can purchase her work at I Brake for Bokeh Photography

Sara Duckett is a photographer, graphic designer, and boutique owner. She started her online boutique, Sadie Olive, back in March of 2007 as the first of her online ventures. It was a part time hobby while she worked a full time job in the mortgage industry. Then in August of 2007, she was let go during the mortgage meltdown, and was forced to get creative. Sara started Sadie Olive Design as a way to earn extra money while she looked for another full time job, but ended up doing design work full time.
Sara loves her latest venture in photography and the creative outlet it provides. She still continue to run all three businesses, and feels blessed that she gets to work from home doing the things she loves.
Sara work can be purchased at Warm Whispers 

Photographer Marico Fayre believes viewers look to artists for an insight into the world, the psyche, and human relationships; she endeavors to communicate something of her world, real and imagined, through the shared experience of creating and viewing artwork. Using photography as her medium provides the opportunity to show actual places and moments, but colored by her interpretation and experiences.
Marico began falling in love with photography while using a pink plastic point-and-shoot in the woods surrounding her childhood home. Moving up to an old Honeywell Pentax with black & white film in high school helped define her vision and personal style, based on natural light and strong compositions. She made the switch from traditional film to digital photography in 2005 and the digital realm provided Marico with the opportunity to begin making self-portraits. Inspired by the power she has as both the artist and the model, Marico is mindful that historically a female artist depicting herself or other women was a subversion of the traditional role of women in art: a subject to be passively viewed. Marico continues to explore the connotations of this role reversal in both portraits and self-portraits.
You can purchase her work at MFayre Fine Art Photography 

Bonnie Jones' images are inspired by a mix of storytelling, memory, and the history of the landscape around her. She savors the patient process of a traditional black and white darkroom, but also works digitally. Bonnie got hooked on photography in college, while studying creative writing, and went on to get a degree in both. She often creates photographs with a narrative quality, like a short story.
A Florida native, Bonnie currently lives in western Washington. She is a frequent traveler and is married to a military man, so she has spent the last several years experiencing life in different parts of the US. This has given her rich material to explore photographically.
You can purchase her work at Bonnie Jones and Craving Open Space.

Selena Vallejo is a photographer whose work is heavily influenced on themes that she is working on. These themes are inspirations found from her surroundings such as time and space. Everyday moments can be simple, complex, and genuine. This dynamic becomes her narrative, her everyday, her story.
You can purchase her work at Selena Vallejo Photography

Carl Christensen is an award-winning, exhibited photographer, husband, father of three, painter and environmentally friendly frame maker from Bucks County PA. 
Carl started Integrity Studio in the winter of 2000 selling his photography of the Bucks County landscape out of his trunk at a flea market. Two years later in the spring of 2003 he and his wife opened a gallery in the art community of New Hope PA.
You can purchase his work at Integrity Studio

Michelle is a self-taught photographer that really started to take her work seriously about 2 years ago. Her friends and family always commented that she had a talent for it so she took a leap of faith and opened her Etsy store,  Silverhorse Photography. She likes to take pictures that tell a story, and to give life to objects that may be passed by or go unnoticed by others. She then puts her own special spin on the images to give them character and a personality all their own. Michelle uses natural light and her own sense of composition; she then digitally enhances her images to create fine works of art that are distinctive and visually striking.
You can purchase her work at Silverhorse Photography