Tuesday, January 4, 2011

From MJ June 7th

Image by: Raceytay

Dear Galoshes,
We got to registration yesterday. It's at Fort Jackson but it doesn't count as basic training time yet. I guess we're going to be here for like a week and a half. So graduation may be pushed back. I guess I will find out for sure about two weeks into basic.

I really wished I would have gone home while I could have. I know I will be glad when I get back that I went. We have an older woman in our company/platoon that had to come back to basic to get back into active army because she stayed out 2 moths to late. So she has been kind of motivational, but at times she's more of a hassle.

We were supposed to be able to call our parents yesterday because they don't want our parents to call here, but they haven't let us yet.

Some of the girls are doing crazy things to get out of here. I guess one slammed her hand in the door and broke some fingers, one knocked herself out, all kinds of stuff.

Well I have to mail this now, we don't get much time here. I guess I should be able to call you tonight.

♥ You!
I miss you tons

Always and Forever


  1. This must have been a hard time, first being away...

  2. oh i ache for you guys...

  3. I can tell you that this was really hard for me. I worried about her esp since she really wasn't and isn't the army kinda girl! She likes her nail polish and comfy bed. I tried hard not to interfere with her decision to join, I felt it was her choice to make. I was sick with worry every day!