Monday, December 13, 2010


Dear Readers,

It is snowing on the day that I have my skiing date set up. The directions he has given, confused me when two country roads, with similar names met. I pull into a farm driveway and ask to use their phone. With the snow that is falling, I really don't want to be traveling around these back roads in search of his house. He picks up the phone and I embarrassly tell him I am a bit lost. {I have a terrible habit of not fully listening to directions.....I think it might stem back to my childhood, and tuning out the repetitive sentences my father would drill in to our heads.} What ever the reason, I confess, I may ask for directions, but from there, my ears don't hear much. I have a weird habit of acknowledging those directions though. Why do I even bother asking?
Anyway, he tells me that I am only a mile away and I find it easily knowing that I simply need to get back onto the road I was on and continue east.

{I was driving a truck at the time, I am a country farm girl at heart. I find that most of the dates that I have been on find this amusing that I prefer a truck to a car. I guess I wasn't aware that it was all that uncommon.}

I pull into his driveway and go the the sun porch door. He is tall, blond and with deep baby blue eyes. He gives me a very pleasant smile and welcomes me. His big yellow lab slumbers over to greet me as well. I can sense right away that they are both sweet and laid back souls. He shows me around his kitchen and living room and asks if I am ready to ski. He has borrowed a pair of skis and boots for me, how odd they they are a perfect fit. It's dark out so he switches on a few yard lights which make the new snow glisten. It is so pretty. He shows me how to move with the skis, and makes a path ahead of me so that I can follow without clearing snow. Thank God, as this is hard work!! We ski around a big open field and I start getting a work out. There is a allot to talk about and we ask each other allot of questions. I am trying to talk, ski and stay upright all at the same time, which is a challenge.
He senses that I am draining of energy and asks if I would like to snow mobile. "YES" I shout, "this is hard work!"
I love trying new things, and though I now know that I will never take up cross country skiing as a regular activity, I am glad I had the chance to try it.

MaryJanes and I had recently tried snow boarding a couple of weeks ahead of this date, and I can say for certain, I will do that again! It was a blast! {I kicked MJ's butt at it...."smurk:... she's such a girly girl!}

The snow has really started to come down hard when we jump on the snow mobile. It is almost impossible to see anything. I have to trust that he knows where it is safe to ride, as I am basically snow blinded. I am a daredevil, and love the thrill of a bit of danger, so this wild ride was right up my alley! He seems so calm and relaxed, that I really did not expect to be given such an exhilarating ride. We return to his house and he makes hot cocoa while we sit by an open fire and talk about a wide range of topics. I am keeping a metal check list of anything that I can not check off on my list. Nothing.

Image by: sixthandmain

With all the snow coming down, I figured I had better get home while the roads were still drivable. We agree that we both had a nice time and he asks me if he can call me again. I thank him for a nice night, and tell him that would be nice.

I drive home with many thoughts in my head. I confess, that he was not the bad boy type that I would normally be drawn to. Had I been younger, I would not have found him challenging enough. I knew this was not healthy thinking, and told myself that I wasn't looking for a bad boy, I was looking for a stable, loving man. It is hard to break cycles of this type. You have to listen to your brain, and not your impulses. Had I been a bit younger, I think I may have fallen back into my old ways, but I was going into this whole change of pathways with my eyes wide open.

Now what habit can you break?

Love ~ Galoshes


  1. OH, the thrill of dating!

    I went cross country skiing once with my sister. We both packed lunches and as we pulled them out her sandwich was still fluffy and soft. I pulled mine out and it squished flat from the many times I fell. We both laughed and I was grateful for an adventurous sister and that flattened lunch.

    I await each installment of your story.

  2. Oh good... glad to read it went well... crazy how sucked into some one else's life i am.
    Ha ha... should be good for you. Because it means your writing and life are exciting enough to others!

  3. I agree with ELS comment above. I'm sucked into these stories!

  4. Katy, Els & Tripping,
    We are so glad you each left a message and that you are reading along.
    Dear MaryJanes is simply a documentation of the relationship between a mother and daughter. All of the ups and downs along with some laughs. The letters and events are true, all of the good, along with the bad. We are about ready to start posting the actual letters again, just have a couple more catch up, Dear Readers posts and then all of the drafts from us retyping our letters will start to appear. Thank you kindly for taking the time to share your thoughts..your comments bring a smile to my face each time I see them!

  5. PS:
    Katy, I love the sandwich story!!