Wednesday, August 25, 2010

VW Bus

June, 1988

Dear MaryJanes,

I bought a vintage VW camper van with a Westfalia camping interior. So now we can go camping in something other than a tent. The inside has a stove, sink, refrigerator, cupboards, and a couch with a table that folds down to make a bed. The top of the camper pops up so an adult can stand up inside. It is like a compact, little house. I love that when I am driving, you can sit in the back and color will looking out to a wonderful view. I love driving it and I am looking forward to all of the little trips that you can I will take in it. We added a German Shepard, "Keyda" to our family and she sits in the back with you as we travel around. It's nice to have a dog again, as well as the security that she adds to our road trips. I am attaching a snap shot to this letter of us on a trip into Canada.

Now Buckle Up!


MaryJanes and Galoshes 1988


  1. Hooray! A photo of the two of you. I think it's just how I pictured you both.

  2. Awesome photo!
    Thank you for sharing your life with us!
    Lisa in NZ

  3. Katy & Pinky,
    I smiled when I saw your comments!
    Notice that MaryJanes is wearing a skirt...LOL, but at least it was a blue jeans one!
    No tomboy moments for her...ever!!!
    Interesting as to how others might have pictured us, and funny that about how you pictured us Katy.

  4. I loved camping when I was growing up! Such fun memories!

    Gret photo too! : )

  5. F&Fireflies,
    Camping with kids is the best, I hope you still go camping and bring out the kid in you!!
    Thank you kindly for taking the time to leave a nice comment!

  6. I love this post...nice photo!!

  7. Jennifer,
    So glad you are reading!
    Ok, so would more of you like some more actual photos of MJ & G mixed into the letters?

  8. Actual photos would be great...Thanks!!

  9. I LOVE! This is so wonderful! I've never been camping but am planning to take my girls when the weather cools down here in Texas. I would also love to see more photo's of the two if you!
    p.s I'm sorry that I haven't left a comment lately. I've been sick and am now catching up on the blogs that I like to read! :)

  10. Jennifer L & Julie,
    YEAH... I love all of the comments!
    Ok, so more actual photos mixed in with the selected photographers pictures too.
    Julie, We hope you get fully back to health!

  11. Love the pic! Yes would love to see more of the two of you

  12. Sewhereweare...
    You got it!
    Thanks for the input!