Sunday, August 29, 2010

Keyda, the best dog ever

 Card made by MaryJanes 1988 (age 5)

Dear Galoshes,
I love the VW bus. It's not only a fun time camping but I hang out in the bus in the driveway. It smells of corned beef hash, which I love, from our most recent camping trip over the Easter holiday. The Easter bunny brought me a purple bikini with pink ruffles, it will be my favorite swim suit of all time. I don't know how the Easter bunny knew where we were camping, but you say that he knows where we are all the time and you were right.

Keyda is my favorite dog so far. She and I are inseparable, she is my protector of all things. Although she will not stop chasing the barn cats. I have taken a liking to one particular little white kitten. She sits in the VW bus with me and we pretend we are camping. It's a fun hideout. We could travel the world just the two of us in this bus.
 MaryJanes and Keyda on trip in VW bus to Lake Michigan 1988


  1. how fun! im loving that you are adding actual photos of you and your mom, it adds so much to the letters! i love reading these!

  2. So sweet! What beautiful memories the two of you have!

  3. Thank you to all of you for your comments!
    My sister & brother in law were here for a 2 week stay, so we have gotten behind on getting new letters up. There should be the next one very shortly!