Sunday, August 8, 2010

Recordings of the past

Dear Galoshes,
One of my favorite things are those tapes of the two of us chattering.  Although I do not wear dresses much I'm sorry to say the girly girl thing is NOT a phase.  I will never enjoy getting dirty, hiking, or nature much.  I love to look at nature, but don't care much to be a PART of it.  I LOVE to read.  I must get that from your mother, although I do enjoy your made up stories. I will always be quite serious as well. We are pretty different in almost every way, yet we will always be the best of friends (even when you start telling me how to raise my kids, which will prove to be the test of our relationship).  The art however does stick and I will always enjoy creating things, this we will always have in common. 



  1. MJ: Likes to be indoors
    G: Likes to be out
    MJ: Loves sour candy
    G: Can not handle sour
    MJ: Follows through with projects
    G: Dabbles, gets bored, dabbles, gets bored
    MJ: Is so serious and mature
    G: Is so silly and immature
    MJ: Likes things glittery and sparkly
    G: Likes things rusty and tarnished
    MJ: Likes a big, roomy purse
    G: Would prefer not to carry a purse
    MJ: Is a blond
    G: Is a brunette
    MJ: Likes to be safe and secure
    G: Likes a bit of danger
    MJ: Is science minded
    G: Goes by faith
    MJ: Is a SHOW pony
    G: Is a WORK horse
    MJ: Is confident, secure and self aware
    G: Lacks confidence, is insecure and becoming self aware
    MJ: Bites her lip
    G: Lets it rip
    MJ: Needs culture
    G: Needs country
    But together when we go out, we laugh at each other and are open to the others interest.
    So, who are you most like?

  2. I am more like MJ (except I hated dresses when I was little), my mom is G. It does make for a good combination :)

    This blog is so sweet. I can not wait to have a daughter of my own someday!

  3. Jen,
    I am so glad you left a comment!
    I was hoping to read what others might be more like, a "MJ" or a "G"
    Thank you for saying the blog is sweet! I am looking forward to posting about happier times, but if you don't read the letters from the past, you won't know our full story. I hope that others will read and see that none of us are perfect and we as mother's do the best that we can. We cross our fingers and hope our children don't repeat our errors while trying not to repeat our our mother's mishaps. If you tell your children you love them, encourage them to try new things and let them know they will need to learn by trial and error sometimes, they will find their own footsteps!
    I smiled at your comment, thank you for that!

  4. I am also like MJ, except I hated girly things before I turned 13. I was very tom-boyish. Still don't like dresses, and my mommy, more like you,but she always tries to put me in the dress, and I am 20 now!
    Your blog is beautifully written, I cannot wait until the page loads so that I will read your life story, [sorry if I sound like a stalker, I promise I am not, well maybe a little :)].