Friday, August 6, 2010

Pretty Little Dresses

December 1984,

Dear MaryJanes,

I find myself wondering who came up with the saying of "terrible twos"? You will be turning two years old next month and I am enjoying this age so much! You love to color and draw and we spend allot of time doing crafts. Your father's parents read to you, and this is a good thing as I am not a reader. I love to make up stories in place of the actual words. Let's hope you don't end up with a reading disorder from my imaginary stories. You sit very still and pay close attention to the details of each story. We point to the pictures and with my fingers I swirl around the pages to show you the dramatics of the adventure that I have conjured up in my head. If my finger stops for too long, you are sure to take hold of it and guide it along the page. You love to get all cozy with a blanket and pillows all arranges up around you. I prop you up inside a collection of them and get you all snug, like a hibernating bear. You are more on the serious side, though
when you giggle and smile, a cute little dimple appears on your check. Your hair is getting long and is the color of sunshine. You could not be any cuter.

When you and I are at home, I set up the tape recorder and let it record your chatter. Some times when I ask you a question, your voice is so cute that I ask it again just to be sure the recorder picks it up.
A funny thing about life, my mom would have loved for me to be a girlie girl and dress up in pretty, frilly dresses and shiny shoes. I would have no part of that. I wanted blue jeans, raggy shirts and bare feet. I remember school shopping with her every year, she would take me to the clothes department and I hated it. My clothes were fine and I didn't need new ones. A pair of new jeans and a couple of T-shirts would due. Then there is you, the girlie girl. I try to put you in blue jeans and you want the dress. You are the child my mom wanted. Maybe this is a phase and you will learn to love Oshkosh Bi Gosh Blue jean bib overalls some day? Maybe...

Now Listen Closely.


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