Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Bit Of Hippy In Me

May, 1987

Dear MaryJanes,

Today you and I took a car ride and out of the corner of my eye was a something so exhilarating that I had to make a U-turn. There in a farm yard was a 1973 VW Type One Volkswagen in pale, baby blue and soft, ivory white. I must have it, I WILL have it! I pull into the drive way and get out for a closer view. It is perfect and I will own this VW no matter what. A man walks out as I am giving it my inspection. He is pleasant and I do my best not to seem over zealous. He had just completely redone this charmer inside and out. The custom two tone paint colors were chosen for his wife. Upon completion of this little heart throb he unveils it for his wife, whom, to my advantage was too large of a lady to fit into the drivers seat. So the end result for him was to park the years worth of labor in his front yard so that I would drive along and fall in love. Mission accomplished and VW sold. This will be my good weather transportation and I will continue to drive my Honda in the winter months.
An advantage to being the nanny for a family where the husband is a bank president is obtaining LOANS!!!! I am now the thrilled, beyond words owner of this funky piece of moving art. Everything about my personality says, "VOLKSWAGEN!" I wonder what type of car will suit your personality when you become and adult...?
Today was a perfect day and you look so adorable in the back seat of this classic little car.

Now, buckle up.

Love, Galoshes


  1. I am loving these...Just want to sit down with the whole of them and read...But I think this way is better. I think and reflect about my own upbringing and that of my daughters And what my mother and I may have written. I am encouraging my daughters and nieces/nephews to write letters to their children..It isn't too late to start. Thank you for sharing

  2. Dear Sew Here We Are,
    Your comment means a lot to me! It is so nice to know that others might read and reflect and maybe have a memory sparked from their own up bringing. I now can see so clearly the mistake I was making by wasting time waiting for my daughter's father to grow up, but I also have comfort in knowing that I made sure I was the best mother to her that I could possible be. I also know that she felt loved by me. So even with my short comings, I still managed to do an ok job as a mother.
    I have many letters bundled up from and to MJ's and if ever we had a fire, I would have them on my list of "what to save" I encourage everyone to give hand written letters! It is almost a lost art form!

  3. I just discovered this portion of your blog this morning and promptly let my kids take an extended bath as I read from beginning to end and wish it was a book and I'd put the kids to bed and read late into the night. That conversation between the two of you is a priceless insight that not only you will cherish, but will prod others to pen similar treasures for their children. Thank you for being willing to share your sweet correspondence with the world. I look forward to each installation.

  4. Katy,
    Thank you so much for such a nice comment! It was the nicest thing anyone could say to keep us sharing. It was so nice to have you as a guest today, hope it sent a lot of traffic your way!


  5. Katy,
    A comment like yours is what inspires me to keep posting the letters. Thank you for your sweet words! I actually look forward to getting up to current letters as we are both pretty funny people and think up so very off the wall things to bounce off each other. MJ's is the more serious type, but she does have a quick wit and sometimes we share things back and fourth and laugh until we cry, then I usually say..."Stop, I am going to pee my pants!"
    Which makes us laugh even more.

  6. I love bugs! My mother had one when I was little. Then my sister inherited it when she was a teenage driver. And then it died a sad death. After my sister was in an accident in the car, it sat in the back yard behind my dads job and rusted. :( He attempted to fix it up for me when I was a teenager, but there was an incident withe me, a drill, a piece of sheet metal, and his hand that ended that.

  7. Galoshes, No time is wasted...If you learn something from it. You did more than 'ok' with the raising and nuturing of your daughter, She may be her own unique wonderful woman today, you played a BIG role in getting ,guiding and helping her to herself. I may not know her personally but her character is reflected in her blogs, which is why I started following her and continue. My mom did the best she could, it was a rough childhood, I did the best I could with mine. We all turned out more than I read these letters, then reread them again slowly, line by line. You two give me much food for thought. I thank you for that.

  8. Lorie,
    My bug died a sad death too.....and so it was sold for $1000.00 and I took that money and bought a horse. I liked the horse, but I still miss the bug. I ended up buying another VW, but not a bug. There is an upcoming letter about that one. And to go along with it a pictures of it, MaryJanes and I on a trip with it. If I were granted any car of my dreams, it would once again be a VW type one.
    I love how you wrote, about your are a clever writer!
    Thank you for your note!

  9. Sew Here We Are,
    You are right about the time not being wasted as I know if I had not gone through those years, I would have never had the insight of setting out on a quest to find my perfect match!
    As far as it all making MJ's turn out as she is, I think her creativity was sparked by our perpetual motion of life and learning.
    Thank you so much for your thoughts!!