Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dear MaryJanes June 19th

Inside of card, {the picture shows a plant and when moved from side to side, you see a yellow flower growing.
:You're growing better and better and better:
Im sending my love, Galoshes


Hi, Im spending the day inside in hopes that you'll be able to call. It's Sunday morning. I got up & took care of the sheep and chickens {phone in hand} Mike went over to Bills to help Brad w/ a project & walked back with Cricket {Jenn's dog} Bear {our dog} and Cricket played. Then Marvin & Cricket ran all over knocking everything over. Rusty {another of our dogs} wasn't happy about the whole situation. She tried to be good, but she just ran & laid behind the porch rocker. She dislikes Cricket. I just looked through the paper and Mike is mowing the lawn. If you call then afterward we are going fishing. Im hoping you're doing better. LuAnn {MJs friend} called, she asked Mike for your address. I will call her back once I know for sure it is correct. I priced items yesterday & took things to Columbus. Mike went spear fishing & shot a big carp to bury in the garden for fertilizer.- "yum"
I found Roy an Indian motorcycle picture & Kim a fence thing for her yard and we took them over to them last night. Kim got me some pear spray bath gel & lotion from Victoria Secrets for helping w/ Gunner. I'll send you a goody [not food] package when I know I have the correct address. I've gotten 3 letters. Nothing on Friday / Saturday *sigh*

Image by: BonnieJones

I need to find about about your MATC classes. I will call tomorrow. Rusty just came over for some loves. Maybe she is sending you some via this letter. See anything of Holly yet? Mike & I went and saw Gone in 60 last night. It was actually pretty good. The reviews for "Ugly Coyote" were showing - it made me think about you all the more. I will take you to that movie when you get back. Do you remember the previews? The girl that goes off into a big city and gets a job at the bar. Remember we both said, "that looks really good" at the same time. Yesterday & today the weather has been nice. No rain for a change and not too hot. I hope you're doing ok in the heat. Gas prices are getting near $2.00 / gal $1.86 - $1.95 / gallon now. Im getting bills caught up since Im not dishing out $10 / $20 / $100 to you weekly. That's a good part of this whole madness. I can focus on getting the pageant bill under control. I started taking St. Johns wort vitamins to help w/ the feeling of sadness. Mike has been a huge help with this. If I go outside, he reminds me to take the phone in case you call. He reassures me that you will be fine. w/out his help with you gone right now, I'd be a total mess. SERIOUSLY! We went to the post office & they had missing kids on the bullet ion board. I thanked God that you weren't missing. I'd rather have you where you are than on a bulletin board saying "missing" A man got arrested in the parking lot of Westgate mall. He was going to get together with a 14 year old girl he had been talking w/ since she was eleven. Another person the girl was talking to tipped police off. He had a ax, a rope, sex toys, drugs, pain killers etc in his trunk. [53 year old} They ought to just de-penis him, the moron!
So, though you are not in a warm and cozy place, I know you are not missing or in threat of being abducted. I thank God for that. Keep strong, think positive thoughts! "I can, I will"
Don;t let those negative thoughts fog your mind! We will get more fit & it will become easier. Hang in there.
You are loved, Galoshes


  1. LOL @ "de-penis him"

    but seriously...they should.

  2. So with you on that one too... after de penusing those kind of "things" i would not mind them being axed below the knees. Gives future vicitms a running chance. I am not vindictive. But i have a daughter that was molested by a babysitter. She was 6 at the time. But it haunted her for a long time. It haunted me for a long time. And actually i don't know if i will ever be able to forgive the person. Not all the way ... I am feeling you on the knowing she is in a safe place. Knowing where anyway. Being a mother is not easy is it... As always... thanks for sharing

  3. Tripping and Els,
    So glad there are a couple of you that agree with my crude trial and convection theory! If they allowed private parties to give punishments for crimes, I would raise my hand and volunteer! Trust me when I say that when the evidence was clearly stated as Guilty, and I could come up with the punishment to suit the crime, the crime rate with plum-it!
    I can not imagine the years of mixed emotions you and your daughter have been through. I do not know how I would have gotten passed such a violation of MJ! I suspect I would be serving time for my vengeance! Motherhood is the most rewarding and most challenging job for a woman. {In my opinion}
    Thank you both for sharing your feelings!