Tuesday, March 8, 2011

From MJ 6/20

Hey! We are in a personal hygiene class right now. yeah, like we get any time to maintain good personal hygiene. The boys get an hour and we get 15-20 minutes with 64 girls and 8 showers.

Graduation is back on schedule again.

Becky, ?, Johnson, MaryJanes, Hening

When you come on parents day I need you to bring me some things, but I just drew a blank as to what they were. But I will need you to bring me make up when you come to get me on graduation day (not parent's day).

I haven't gotten your letters yet, but I'm sure I will soon.

Today I got yelled at by the mean drill sergeant about not being with my buddy for chow, which was because we separate the line by active national guard and reserves and she's active so we aren't together. Anyway the mean one got mad and yelled at me. But when we left the nice one stopped us and was like telling Johnson how they aren't trying to pick on us but she looked like shit when she got here with the uniform all wrong and all this stuff and since me, she has improved a lot. Then when she went away he said how he chose me not only because of our last names, but because I seemed like I had myself pretty well put together and that I would be a good role model. When he originally asked me if I knew why he was doing this to me and I said to build team work, but I was happy to hear it was because I looked to be a good future soldier. Even if I didn't spell it right, which I'm not sure of :)

Later that day......

I'm under my covers with my flash light writing to you. I did end up getting your mail today, and a letter from grandma Greene. She didn't give me her address to write her back, but please tell her I really appreciate hearing from her. I think of her and love her lots.

Thanks for my pictures. Ryan is such a cutie, I miss him. But I like Tommy more and I think you'll like him a lot too. Plus he looks just like Ryan, but cuter.

I'm glad my grades pulled up. I don't know what was wrong with me. I was having emotional problems, to be honest, for a while I think I was emotionally unstable. But I will get it together. The way you wrote your letters, like going through your basic day, was a good way to do it.

I remembered one thing I need on parent's day, hair dye, mascara too. I don't know if I will be able to get away with mascara, but I wasn't to try. I know I can dye my hair though. Lightest Natural Blond. I want a snickers bar so bad. They serve desert here, but I don't take it because the drill sergeants rag on those who do. But I guess when I have to drop every time Johnson does I will just burn off as much as she does even though she has desert.
MaryJanes with Tim, who was also from Wisconsin

We are MRE's (meals ready to eat) this morning after hand to hand combat training. NASTY! I got ham in natural juices, rice, crackers, cheese, and a pound cake, it all tasted like cardboard. Some people got good stuff like ravioli and skittles, but I think we are eating them again tomorrow so maybe then I will get a good one.

My period got all messed up being here. It rained a few days which is nice. I drink so much water I pee clear.

We have a lot of classes during the day which keeps us out of the sun. It's hard to stay awake in them though.

But I will write tomorrow about victory tower. I'm tired, tell everyone I ♥ them.

I love you so much and think of you constantly. Your the BEST mom ever.


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  1. What a girl! As a mother i am so proud of this lady. Ha and i am not even her mother. What a story... and how well you tell it. Keep the good reads coming. Thank you