Tuesday, March 15, 2011

From MJ 6/21

Becky, Holly, MaryJanes

Dear Mom,
I have found that it is easier to go to the bathroom to write where the lights are always on then try to juggle my flashlight and hold my covers up.

Victory Tower was lots of fun. I'm good at repelling. Johnson is afraid of heights and started to cry, but I managed to talk her through it.

I got another card from you today. Please try and write every day, I look forward to mail call. I haven't really written anyone but you since I got to real basic. The only time I have is my sleep time so I wait until Sundays to write others.

Tomorrow we do map reading and will be marching all day with ruck sacks on our backs and things strapped to our waists, fun.

I'm not sure if I told you yesterday or not, but graduation will be the 17th. They aren't changing it . If we get done early they will just give us more personal time.

It's weird to think that everyone else is going on with their lives while I'm here. I don't even think ahead while I'm here. I'm like a robot. Half the time my brains are not even functioning, which sound weird, but it's hard to explain.

I think AIT will be fun next summer because I get every night off and there are clubs by Fort Meed and I hear you get single rooms and only have to share the kitchen and bathroom. But I don't think I get a kitchen, I won't need one. I guess it's a really nice base.

Thanks again for the pics, I had never seen the baby one of me and you. I cried and smiled. ♥ you so much

Miss you


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