Friday, February 25, 2011

Dear MaryJanes June 19th

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Dear MaryJanes,

I keep hoping the phone will ring and it will be you on a free time. But maybe they won;t let you for awhile now. I hope at least they give you free time today. Mike put up the shelf he made for the laundry room. He is over at his brothers house right now.I mixed up 2 batches of wedding cookie dough for Kari's bridal shower next Sunday. I will be at Sam's house next Sunday. The shower starts at 2pm, so I will probably be there about noon or so. Then back about 6ish. ??
I will look up Sam's # in case you can call & Im over there. I will leave it with Mike too, in case you wouldn't have it when you call. A buggy just went by with an Amish family, kids hanging out every where. The one little boy about 4 years old pointed up to the sky at the fairly low flying helicopter. It must amaze those little kids to see that when everything in their lives is so basic.
I 'm hoping if you are able to call that you are more adjusted & things are going abit better. Like when you called before in the shuffle, you were feeling better the 2nd call because you guys were not just sitting around. The phone had rung & I dropped this note. It wasn't you. I don't know what I had started to write, it was a lady from Rio that wants to see an antique photo before I take it to the booth.
Well, that's all I know for now. Iam sending my love. I will see you soon!
Love, Galoshes

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  1. lovely... excited for the next installment!