Friday, March 4, 2011

Dear MaryJanes June 20th

Inside of card,
:you're taking up the part of my brain that's usually reserved for chocolate.

What everyone is up to:

Grandma G. -
Might go work at the South Pick n Save as a cake decorator. {Nicer boss}
She is able to let Lily [her dog] run loose because Roy and David fixed her dog fence.

Jenn -
Driving into work M - F till 6pm, YUK! Going to childcare givers MATC classes for 7 Saturdays in a row to get certified. Waiting for a ring!!!!!

Kim & Roy-
Getting their back yard ready for David {cousin} and Kari's wedding.

Working on truck brakes to haul more wood to Indian Trails.

David & Kari-
Wedding Stuff.

Sam & I - Planning a wedding shower with games.

Wood working , bow fishing,.

Kids in the mall-
Wasting time, being lazy.

Eat, sleep, play repeat.

I hope you got your pictures. I miss you very much! I am so sad!
Love, your mom.

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