Friday, March 18, 2011

Dear MaryJanes June 21st

June 21 Wednesday

No letters yet, :Sigh:
We are waiting for a pizza to cook - nothing eventful today. Im concerned about you and need to know that you are better since your last call. Did you mail your address to Lily? Mike and I are going to Kirby's afterwards to pick up something to sell for him. Tomorrow Iam going to Columbus first thing in the morning then to an auction at 11am. I have a hair appointment to have my roots done at 8pm. Army forms for you to sign came today. I'll call them to see if they can wait until you get back or if I have to send then to you.

back from Kirby's

Brenda just called, she and Tina will come to the bridal shower Sunday, but will be late. John is going to be marching in a band at noon. I talked to Matt about his goat. He is sure happy about it! Iam halfway watching a show called "True Women" I hope you are being strong like a few of these women on the show. I think about you always and pray that you are Ok.
Fighting back the tears cause I miss you so!
Love, Galoshes

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