Tuesday, January 11, 2011

From MJ June 8

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Hey. Today is going so slow. We got our new ID cards and a pay advance today and tomorrow we will be going to the store to get anything else we need. They better let us use the stuff that they told us to bring.

I told you my graduation day might change right? It depends on when we get out of this processing stage. We got some free time today though so it's not that bad. Everyone is sitting around bitching. We have some of the bitchiest girls in our platoon. Holly and I are convinced we will hate everyone but each other by the time we get out of here. I hope we are in the same basic training platoon because she is really helping me through this.

Tell Mike and everyone I say hi. I miss my puppies.

I will get you the address when I get it but we gotta go to formation right now. I love you endlessly.

Always and Forever,

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