Friday, January 28, 2011

From MJ 6/15

Image by: warmwhispers

5-Minute timed letter

Aco. 3-13 Inf. Regt 3rd Platoon
Ft.Jackson, Sc

I'm doing good. Earlier when I cried on the phone it was just because I was happy to hear your voice and I miss you tons.

I'm going to do well here but we haven't showered for 2 days and the time limits they give us can be impossible.

Lots of nice people, face is breaking out because of no wash time. Got separated from Holly but Becky is with me and from Wisconsin also.

Call everyone (family) with address if you haven't already. I love you so much and am going to do my best to make you proud.

Tell everyone I love them and say hi to Mike. when I get home things will be different. On Mondays before you and I go out we will all have dinner as a family.

Love you
Always and Forever

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  1. Seems like she really started growing up very quick! Keep them comin'! :)