Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dear MaryJanes June 11th

Love, Galoshes

{Letter included into card}

Don'tcha just love this cute little note paper!? With you being gone it gave me a reason to buy it. Mike keeps reassuring me that you'll be fine. He says, "she'll be fine...it's you Iam worried about." I cry at any thing. He told me to go ride my bike, I told him I didn't have the motivation. He said, "Do you need a kick in the butt?" Maybe I do. Im just worried about you. I know you'll do your best & I know you'll still get yelled at and I know that will be hard on you. I hope you're stronger than me! I'd switch places w/ you if I could. But then again, even though it's hard, it will help you in alot of areas of your life. Just stay strong. My head's so full of snot from holding in tears that I have a head ache. Marvin's {Our cat} running around like a crazy cat. Our garden is growing now. We have squirrel and rabbits though, they might eat what comes up. We got more rain last night. Big winds, branches down. The computers problem came back, shucks. I'll write soon.
Love, Galoshes.


  1. i remember that feeling, of having so much snot... ha ha. I also believe part of the problem is hormones... i still can cry at anything when it's that time of the month. ha ha... thanks for sharing. There is so much love and emotion in these posts.

  2. Els,
    You are so sweet for sharing your "snot in common"
    That whole time was so hard on me. I hated feeling helpless to help MJ's. I never want to feel that way ever again!