Friday, January 14, 2011

From MJ June 8th

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Hey Galoshes,
Well right now it's 2300 hours, 11p.m. I have fire guard so I have to sit at the door with another girl and check up on everyone every half an hour. I don't mind though because I have first shift (11-1am) and I'm wide awake. Plus this gives me more time to write. People get caught in reception for up to two weeks and may not have time to finish basic this summer. I hope real hard that we have time to finish. I will let you know as soon as I find out when it will be.

I'm catching an accent really bad. Holly's (a girl I met on the way to basic who was also from WI but talked funny) trying to get it out of me though. We never thought we would be looking forward to basic, but compared to this unorganized mess they call registration it's going to be nice. I ate so much food here. Tomorrow after I pass my PT (physical training) test that says I can go to basic I'm going to eat up because I hear they don't give much food at basic. That's good though, I will never lose an ounce eating like this!

So we are supposed to be done with this tomorrow. Off to basic we go. But something tells me we won't get there until Saturday.

I miss you so much, but in a good way. This is really going to be good for me. I just have to be strong. In fact I find myself supporting those who want to go home. I just keep thinking that #1 I'm at summer camp and #2 I will be home any day. Adam, a guy in my unit in Madison, told me I have to pretend like I will be home the next day. When he said it I didn't think it would be possible, but now I just do it automatically. Holly is helping me so much! She has given me a different perspective on the attitude to have at basic. She has the kind of attitude that if someone tells her she can't do something she wants to do it more. She doesn't get mad or frustrated she just laughs it off.

I have to go mom, the guard duty times got messed up and I guess I was supposed to be from 9-11 so I'm done.

I will write you ASAP


P.S. I'm going to do really good.
I just have to play their game.
Don't worry about me!
I Love You!

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  1. Wow...! Smart girl.... And i love the accent. Ha ha! Gets you kind of sneaky.