Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Where Is This Heading?

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June 1992

Dear MaryJanes,

He makes promises and I want so to believe that he is sincere. Your father says he misses us and that he is ready to do what ever it takes to get us back together. The sensible part of me says that this is a trap. The sentimental part of me wants to believe this is the truth.
I am not easily lured as I make my list of demands.
No Smoking.
No drinking.
We buy a house.
We live between your job and mine.
You take an active role in your daughter's life.
We do more as a family.
You say goodbye to your youth and grow up.

I tell him to think on my list of demands and sleep on it. I am serious and will not be easily talked into reuniting with him.
He "says" he will do what ever I want, what ever it takes, he will do it.

My sister and brother in law plead with me to come to my senses. All I have ever wanted in my life is to get married, have children, own a home in the country with a couple of big dogs and be happy with just that. A simple life.

I will see what the week brings. For now at least he says he misses us and that makes me feel good.

Now let me figure this all out.
Love, Galoshes

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