Thursday, November 11, 2010

Making Plans

Imagine By: buckscountyframes

November, 1991

Dear MaryJanes,

My sister found an ad offering a small rental house on the lake. She gave them a call and spoke with the owner. She had surprised me when I saw her that afternoon by letting me know that if I wanted to rent it, the woman has approved us via Kim's phone call. A little house on the lake for you and I.
It's funny how things happen some times. As it turns out, that day I received a call from my sweet cousin, Marysue. She didn't sound her usual happy self and with a little prodding, I understood why. It seems that her boyfriend has shown a dark side to her. I had wondered why she seemed to have dropped off the face of the earth for a time. She tells me that he was separating her from her family, a tell tale trait of a controlling, abusive man. {he is from a culture where men put and keep their women in their place!}Funny that in truth she is a spunky, feisty chic which wouldn't take guff from anyone, or so I thought. As it turns out, the straw that broke the camels back is that, he tried to push her out of a moving car as he felt she was sassing him. My blood boiled and she knew by my tone that I would have gotten in my car and drove there and beat the living day lights out of him! { I would have too}
She begged me to not call him, and asked my advise. She said she needed to get away from him.
I told her to pack a few things, jump in her car, and come live with you and I in our little house on the lake. "It is a two bedroom" I told her, and I want MJ's to have her own bedroom, but the basement is very nice and we can fix it up cute for you!" I asked her not to tell him where she was going, or give him a phone number there. It took me a while to convince her, but in the end I told her she had no choice, that we needed each other to get us through this phase of life.
She agreed and would be on her way.
I am excited about this chapter in our lives. MS and I can share rent and she said she would help me watch over you and that she and I could go out dancing!
Things are going to be just fine.

Now Nestle Into Your Cozy Bed.

Love, Galoshes


  1. I'm so glad you're back. I honestly love your posts, they make me feel like I'm reading a very wonderful story.


  2. Ttipping,
    What a wonderful compliment! Thank yo so much for taking the time to leave a sweet note. I hope others will save their letters and notes to each other. It's always fun to look back at them. Kind of like keeping a diary and someone getting to sneak a peek into it.
    We are so glad you are reading along!