Sunday, November 28, 2010

Disney Downsides

November, 1993

Dear MaryJanes,

I had stashed away what money I could so that we could be included in our extended families trip to Disney World. My sister and brother, along with their kids and your grandmother were all traveling together. We drove a used motor home that my mother had purchased in hopes of driving her self on various travels in the future. This was the first trip it had taken since it was purchased. What was suppose to be a fairy tale trip for you was altered by the expenses needed for repair and fuel for the motor home. The fuel alone consumed over $700.00 of my funds. Your father did not contribute to this travel and so any money that was spent, was from my skimping and saving. I barely had enough to cover our campsite, meals and little entertainment. I can not tell you how sick I felt not to be able to let you do all of the rides and games that a child should do on their once in a life time Disney visit.
My sister saw my anguish, and did a few extra special things for you. She had her own family to see to and I know she was irritated with your father for not helping us out. She kept quite about it and helped make the trip fun with suggestions of free entertainment ideas.
Having enough fuel money for the return trip home weighed on my mind through out each day. I had figured out what money I would need for the return trip home, and tucked it away.

I journal this down as a way to let it go. I do not know that I will ever let you read this letter, but I needed to vent my frustrations somewhere.
I don't think you were aware of just how much my heart was hurting to see you go with less than what I had dreamed for you. I hope the nights around the campfire and just being with family over shadowed the missed out purchases that I would have normally made for you. I hope you that you had a fun trip despite all of that.
Your father had told me that he had no interest in a trip to Disney World and wasn't even going to join us. I needed him to drive the motor home and so insuring him that it would not cost him a cent, he agreed to go. Would it really have killed him to tuck a little extra money in his wallet to give you a special trip? Apparently so, as he never offered.
Why on earth did I ever agree to go back to him?

Now Dream Of Far Away Places.
Love, Galoshes

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  1. Dear Galoshes,
    I remember the trip to Disney World well as it was the only "real" vacation we really ever took. I recall the complaints of my father about the costs of fuel and how it was much more in the motor home than planned. I know that grandma purchased the motor home for us to use on that trip thinking she was doing something nice, but with all the stress it caused I wish we would have taken the car and a tent. Although I did enjoy riding in the motor home quite a bit.

    I remember riding above the drivers seat in the little loft bed with a window where I watched as the palm trees started to appear.

    I remember Kim getting me some fun pencils from the gift shop while we were watching the fire works one night and how special I felt that she had gotten them for me without me asking for anything.

    I'm sorry that you did not enjoy the trip as much as I did. Vacations are not meant to be stressful and you did a good job of making a fun trip for me. I don't recall feeling like I was missing out on anything.