Friday, July 23, 2010

Chubby Cheeks

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September14th, 1983

Dear MaryJanes,

You are eight months old and have the chubbiest little cheeks! Your smile is soft and sweet and your giggle is contagious. You amaze me everyday with how strong and alert you are. I am really good at this whole mother job! Everything seems to come pretty natural to me. You are a really good baby and this makes my job of raising you easier. I did not return to the job that I had before you were born. The thought of leaving you in the care of some one else was too scary for me. I answered an ad requesting a day time nanny and was hired by the family of five. This job allows me to take you to work with me and to have other children for you to play with. The hours are long as we leave the house at 6 am and return home at 6pm. The payoff of knowing what you are doing all day and making sure the foods you eat are fresh and balanced, makes the long day worth it.

My mom had found a second hand crib and she and my father brought it over when the time came that you needed one. I could see that my mom was worried about me, but she is not the type to interfere. She keeps quite and does not share her feelings with me. My father is not fond of children in general, never was. He especially doesn't have time for girls. Boys are superior in his world. In the event that I might actually want to do something, like have a life, I do not ask my mom to watch you. This would put a tension between her and my father. I am 21 years old and I am living the life of someone in their thirties. I have no friends or social life, and even if I did, after I pay my half of expenses and take care of your needs, there is no gas money left to get me any where. On the upside, if there is something about your father, it is that he is entertaining. On the occasions that he and I do go out together, his folks have been wonderful about watching you. You are their first grandchild and they adore you. Our usual choice of entertainment is to hear a live band and to dance. A motorcycle is generally the mode of transportation and there is a side of me that loves the thrill and danger of riding fast. When I am behind your father on the cycle and he is in race mode of 100 mph plus, I have no fear at all and actually get a bit of an adrenaline rush. I suppose it reminds me of being a young girl and racing through the woods with my horse. The faster she went, the happier I was.
I wonder if you will be a dare devil?
Now calm down.
Love, Galoshes

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  1. You're blog is so beautifully written and honest and raw. It reminds me very much of the story of my mom and I.

    This is an amazing, emotional project and I'm glad to be a reader.

  2. Grace,
    We are so glad you are reading along!
    Thank you kindly for such a nice comment!