Friday, February 4, 2011

Dear MaryJanes June 16th

I hope I took your address down right, I gave it to Grandma G. She said she'd write you right away. Then we went to Kim and Roy's. Kim said that if I didn't have it right, that you'd have to do push ups for each one that was wrong. She won't write you yet to make sure your address was in correct order. I'm having a difficult time yesterday and today. I'm holding back the tears and fighting depression. I was doing ok till your last, quick call. Mike tried to help, but said there wasn't anything he could say to make me feel any better. So he's just been giving me allot of hugs. Today at work I had to really fight the tears back. Mike drove me to the post office last night after you called, that way they would go out right away. I kept repeating that I hope I heard you right about the address. He has assured me several times that they will get to you. My heart will really ache if they get sent back to me. I meant to ask about Holly. Do you still get to see her? Is there anyone in your platoon that you can pal with? Im hoping so. Im going to take stuff to the flea market in the morning to keep my mind busy. Mike doesn't want to because he wants to catch up in things around here. There are 2 auctions I want to go to next week. Tues/Thurs so I want to make some $ for it. Well Mike is waiting for me outside so we can move the sheep pen & load the truck for the morning. I miss you extremely! I wish I could make your time there less difficult. be strong & think positive things. Keep in mind they are paying you & that your car payments and insurance are due. You will come out of this stronger. Reach into yourself and draw from your soul. I will pray for you often. I hope you can call on Sunday, I don;t know if they will let you. As soon as I know your address is right, I will give it to everyone. Marvin gets mad because your bedroom door is shut. There is a chance that Jenny will come with us August 16 -17. I don't know if I wrote you that the Amtrak is too expensive. We are going to rent a car for a week instead. I will see you soon! Only days! Think positive and be strong.
I Love You!


  1. I love to read all of the letters. You two have such an amazing and strong bond.

  2. i am a sap. I am boobing while reading this. So touching. I so can feel the heartache. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Erin and Els,
    Thank you kindly for your sweet comments. We are so happy that you are both reading along.
    This whole army basic training was so very difficult. I balled my eyes out waiting to see her pretty eyes on her release day. When I saw her, I broke down in relief while we hugged. I can not imagine the pain that other parents and spouses have while their loved ones are in Iraq. I would be a nut case!

  4. Where did you find that photo. So hot. Thank you for the post!

  5. Glitzy- The link to the photographer's shop is right under the image. Thanks!