Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pretty Little Show Ponies

 MaryJanes (on horse) with cousin Jenny

July, 1991

Dear MaryJanes,

Your cousin, Jenny is an excellent rider and has worked day and night getting herself and her horse ready for shows. She and her horse, Forecast continue to win trophies and ribbons. There was a local horse show that I had entered you in at the last minute. With the help of Jenny you have become a really good horse back rider. I didn't have any fancy show clothes for you to wear, but the whole experience of showing was really good for you. Kim was so nervous for you and thought you were definitely too small and inexperienced to ride Forecast, but I had confidence in Jenny's horse to see you through it. You show a little bit of daredevil in you on occasion, so I let you give it a whirl. You took third place with a friend's pony and though you don't place with Jenny's horse, you had a great time and I was smiling the whole time. You look so confident riding along side other kids that have had lessons and shown before. You couldn't tell from watching that you were just learning. I hope you skate by in life with such ease in everything you undertake.

 MaryJanes on Forecast

Once again your dad missed out on seeing you on a special day, though his folks made the drive up here and seemed proud to watch you ride. They cheered you on and you put on a good show!

Now Geddie-up.


  1. I love it! My oldest daughter has loved horses since she was two! My parents bought her a horse last year but she rarely gets to ride because they live almost an hour away. I really wish that I could get her more involved. She is such a natural.

    I love the pictures and it brings back memory's of my childhood. I spent Summer's in Colorado where my great grand parents had a ranch. All of my Aunts, Uncles and Cousins worked the ranch and lead tours! I miss those times.

  2. Julie,
    It's so fun to find out people have the same memories or interests! I laugh when I look back at the pictures of MJ in those cowboy boots, they were borrowed and way too big for her. But they made due for a a show! I have an idea for you to get your daughter there and riding more often. Pencil it in every month and the set out to do it. Treat it like a class, like music lessons or gymnastics. {But free except the cost of fuel} Then if it is on the calendar at least once or twice a month, then you will more likely get her there!
    Funny thing, MJ's 3 kids will be Woody, Buzz and Jessy for Halloween this year, so both of the boys have cowboy boots for the costume. They love to put them on and wear them around the house! Nothing like the loafers that MJ would like them to were to obtain a collage preppy look! I love it though!
    Now pencil it in!!

  3. Galoshes,
    That's a fabulous idea! I will do it! Brinley will be delighted! You always have the best advice.
    I'm sure that MJ's kids are are just adorable in there cowboy boots! :)

  4. Julie,
    I am so glad you will give that a try!

  5. I miss reading Dear Maryjanes! Please write more:)

  6. Ahhh, you brought a smile to my face!
    Thank you for the tap on the shoulder!
    I needed a good swift kick in the butt to get those letters back out and start typing. Life just got busy and this got put on a back burner. So glad to know that we were missed!!