Monday, October 4, 2010

Paint Ponies

MaryJanes, cousin Jenn, Dutches, Galoshes

June, 1991

Dear MaryJanes,

I found a paint pony for you that is safe and gentle for kids and yet loves to run. She is an older pony and she reminds me so much of the pony I had when I was young. Comparing the photos of my pony, Patches and your pony, Dutches, they look very much alike. You have taken to her instantly and want me just to get her saddled up and let you go.

It will take a little practice riding behind a fence before I give you the OK on venturing out on her beyond that. "she's mine? all mine?" you inquire when I bring her home. There is nothing more in life that I love than seeing your eyes glow with excitement. You take being on the saddle so natural, and though you think the English saddle and apparel is so much more fashionable, you will have to except riding western, cowboy boots and all.

Now learn fast, there are shows to do.
Love, Galoshes


  1. Oh, a pony...I can feel the excitement! Lovely photos...

  2. That really hit home! I had a painted pony as a child, and her name was patches, too! My young daughter has heard all kinds of stories about her.
    Thanks for posting the adorable photos.

  3. Linda & Kathleen,
    Thank you so much for your comments it is nice to know there are memories that can be stirred which add a smile to faces!
    Notice the bangs I had cut on my pony? Poor pony with a silly hair cut! At the time of that photo I had 2 ponies, Buffer & Patches. one day I was brushing out the little stallion pony, buffer and Patches came over and must have been jealous. I teased her by blowing in her face a little and she reached over and bit me in the chest. I ran through the field, slide under the electric fence, down the hill to the safety of my sister. "Will I get rabies now?" I yelled with tears streaming down my face. My sister assured me, that no, I would not become rabid!
    That little stallion pony was so much fun to ride. Be bucked and I giggled. But Patches, she was a speed demon. She could keep up with the horses that we had. I loved that pony!
    What little girl doesn't dream of owning a pony?

  4. Ouch, that must have hurt! What memories! I used to spend hours drawing horses and ponies and reading all the Marguerite Henry horse books...I actually was sent to the principal's office one time when I was galloping around pretending to be a horse, while I was on safety patrol duty. I was using my uniform belt as a tail~ conduct unbecoming in an officer LOL!