Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dear Readers ~ Spring 2011

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Dear Readers,
Thank you each for reading along and to those of you that leave your thoughts in a comment form! Sometimes I end up taking on more than I can juggle, ok, so I do this all the time!!! But lately I have taken a bit more into my "Things To Do" list than humanly possible. Something just has to give. So what I am getting to? I need to prioritize my list, and this blog will need to take a little break, so that I can focus on the items to the top of the list and stop feeling guilty that I haven't r
e typed one of MaryJanes and I's letters. What you might not know is that since MaryJanes and her husband sold their house, they along with their three beautiful, sweet,, you get it, children have moved into a portion of our house. When I say "a portion", by no means envision a big house! They had to be creative when this all took shape. They own a beautiful piece of land, but with this economy, who can afford to build a home while living on one income and raising three children?? { I should note that MJ, does substitute teach and generates what she is able while raising their three children. Along with that she sews them cute outfits, and continually exposes herself to The Arts and teaches herself new crafts and techniques.} You can read all about them on her blog MaryJanesandgaloshes.

I am self employed, as well as my husband is, so we both need self discipline, something I lack! I love it when the little ones knock on the door and I see their excited faces gleaming to see me several times a day..but this does leave me with less time to do the things I need to do. Don't get me wrong, I am well aware of the importance of my grandchildren and give them a huge amount of my time every day. Then comes along a chance for MJ's and I to sneak away for a weekend outing....and WE MUST GO...we must plan, pack and travel! She is a great traveling companion! {this weekend we are heading to ChapelByTheSpring to catch up with our friend, Kym as well as have a meeting of the minds for upcoming Creative Outlet Classes we hope to get start hosting. Classes will be full days, even over night options, with catered meals and snacks by Kym, classes taught by MJ and hosted by me.
And if you only knew the other list of creative ideas that we hold in the future...I will need to live to be 127 years old to achieve them all!

I am an antique dealer, and so there is inventory to purchase, clean, tag and then assign and deliver to which ever location that item will suit best. Along with that, I some times get called to drive Amish here and there, which is most always a fun outing as they LOVE thrift shops!! Then on the days that MJ gets called to sub, I take care of the three little ones.
Then each year at this time my husband and I attempt a big garden, and with the price of groceries right now, this year MUST be a success! Then the chicken coop needs to be prepared for a new flock of baby chicks, and then there are the 2 baby goats coming shortly. Next comes Our yearly Fun, Funky, Festive yard sale over Memorial day weekend....this is huge and takes allot of prep time. Add to this.....MJ and I are vending at JunkBonanza this September 15th, 16th & 17th..YEAH!!! Our first time in participating in this huge show...and thanks to Linda Of ItsyBitsandPieces we will be in the Tent Room instead of the Newbies room! {Thanks Linda!}
To the mix, my etsy shop, SommersBreezeAnti
que needs lisitings...soooo...
I have to put the full hat box of letters away for a spell, and pick them back up when I do a catch up!!!
I do thank you for understanding.

A note to each of you.......
Now Get Outside and Garden!


  1. Fuuny...I reread this and it looks like MJ sold her 3 children along with the house.....

  2. I will miss the posts. I'll have to get my MJ&G fix at Taylor's blog for now! HAVE FUN!

  3. OH, I understand this Lisa! Sounds like you are doing the important stuff! Enjoy life! And it won't be too much longer until Junk Bonanza!!

  4. Hi! Please email me, I have a question for you :)