Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pretty Little Show Ponies

 MaryJanes (on horse) with cousin Jenny

July, 1991

Dear MaryJanes,

Your cousin, Jenny is an excellent rider and has worked day and night getting herself and her horse ready for shows. She and her horse, Forecast continue to win trophies and ribbons. There was a local horse show that I had entered you in at the last minute. With the help of Jenny you have become a really good horse back rider. I didn't have any fancy show clothes for you to wear, but the whole experience of showing was really good for you. Kim was so nervous for you and thought you were definitely too small and inexperienced to ride Forecast, but I had confidence in Jenny's horse to see you through it. You show a little bit of daredevil in you on occasion, so I let you give it a whirl. You took third place with a friend's pony and though you don't place with Jenny's horse, you had a great time and I was smiling the whole time. You look so confident riding along side other kids that have had lessons and shown before. You couldn't tell from watching that you were just learning. I hope you skate by in life with such ease in everything you undertake.

 MaryJanes on Forecast

Once again your dad missed out on seeing you on a special day, though his folks made the drive up here and seemed proud to watch you ride. They cheered you on and you put on a good show!

Now Geddie-up.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Paint Ponies

MaryJanes, cousin Jenn, Dutches, Galoshes

June, 1991

Dear MaryJanes,

I found a paint pony for you that is safe and gentle for kids and yet loves to run. She is an older pony and she reminds me so much of the pony I had when I was young. Comparing the photos of my pony, Patches and your pony, Dutches, they look very much alike. You have taken to her instantly and want me just to get her saddled up and let you go.

It will take a little practice riding behind a fence before I give you the OK on venturing out on her beyond that. "she's mine? all mine?" you inquire when I bring her home. There is nothing more in life that I love than seeing your eyes glow with excitement. You take being on the saddle so natural, and though you think the English saddle and apparel is so much more fashionable, you will have to except riding western, cowboy boots and all.

Now learn fast, there are shows to do.
Love, Galoshes