Thursday, September 9, 2010

Needing A Push

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October 1989

Dear MaryJanes,

I want you to try new things, get involved and venture out to find what suits you. I hope when you grow up you can look back and know that I wanted you to experience events in your life that would help you develop a wide range of interests. It's not so much pursuing everything you are exposed to, but rather to pick and choose those things that bring a smile to your face. Things that make you say, " I want to do that again!" There are things I wish I'd had the chance to try but for one reason or another wasn't given the opportunity. I have complied a list of some of the things that I think I would have been good at, if only someone had given me a little push to start.

1: Barrel Racing Horses. { I could have excelled at this}
2: Dirt Bike Racing.
3: Archaeologist.
4: Artist / Drawing.
5: Poet / Story Teller / Song Writer.
6: Go - Go dancer...{I wonder, do they pay you to do this when your clothes stay on?}
7: Dog Training.
I was in 4-H and competed in dog shows and went on to State, but always with toy poodles. My father would not allow us to have any other size of dog. I wanted so badly to have a German Shepard or Collie. I think my life would have taken the direction of police dog trainer or training rescue dogs, had I been able to have a larger dog breed do to work with.
8: Loving Wife and Mother.
I would love to have 1 more child and own a house with the whole white picket fence thing going on. I want to stay home and keep house, bake cookies and just take care of you are your father. If only he wanted life to go in the same direction as me. But he wants to live on the edge and be free of domestic life in any form.
I look over my list and relies that I am an odd duck. No where on my list are normal things like, accountant, secretary, doctor or teacher. And why wasn't I born in the 1800's. no one really wants to stay home and be a house maker anymore, not since the late 60's anyways. I don't know what I will ever "be" when I grow up. I want you to get a better sense of who you are and what you like. I will give you a little push.

I suppose your list will entail things that I might over look to expose you to. I will do my best to give you the opportunities to try new things { what ever I can afford to do that is.} And someday when you are grown, I hope you can look back and say, "I may not pursue all of those things, but I am glad you gave me that push."

Now give it a shot.

Love, Galoshes

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